The Press and the Foundation of American Democracy

Donald Trump’s belligerence had officially taken a toll for the worst. While on the campaign trail in 2016, Mr. Trump made it a priority to declare war on media if he was elected. He is living by that promise. Mr. Trump made numerous comments about changing libel laws. Public figures have a hard time making a libel case stand in court. Mr. Trump vowed to make changes that would make it easier for public figures to sue those criticizing them. This must stem from Trumps disregard for the way media portrays him.

It is clear Mr. Trump is targeting these laws because of his experiences with news outlets. When news outlets present contrasting views it serves as a problem for the administration. The real problem is the war on media. Our democracy will die without broadcasting. This is real. This is true. Media definitely does present contrasting views, because America is made up by a society of contrasting groups. What FOX covers is not necessarily with ABC will cover. What the New York Times posts, will not be essentially similar to what the Wall Street Journal publishes.

Contrasting views make up our democracy. Although we are used to crazy things coming out of Mr. Trumps mouth, the comments about libel should absolutely be taken seriously. This is the President of the United States who is making these comments. Why would any president want to infringe on the flow of democracy because of his dislike for the press? Mr. Trump can do very little to change any libel law because these laws are protected under the 1st Amendment. Good luck Mr. Trump, with your fight with the U.S. Constitution.


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